The Ethical Wardrobe is a blog to document a journey towards more ethical fashion choices. Gabi & Jo will be sharing the wonderful designers they find along the way, and sharing tips for how we can do less damage with the wardrobes we cultivate. The four categories at the side of this page: Fashion, Food, Health and Beauty, will help to guide you around this blog and our recently revived efforts to make more conscientious choices. #whomademyclothes


We can all become apathetic about our choices, especially when it comes to fast fashion, but writing this will help turn that around- both for ourselves and others. By documenting our journey towards a more ethical wardrobe, we hope to keep ourselves on track and share what we learn with others. We may be late to the environmentally- fashion- forward party but we’re ready to join in full swing now.

Please use the categories and calendar below ¬¬ to navigate around the site, and contact us ^^ with ideas, tips, articles, products, general chit- chat any time. We hope you enjoy our journey towards a more ethical, environmentally- friendly wardrobe, and are perhaps even tempted to develop one of your own.


Watch our video here for more information: vimeo.com/223046703