How’s veganuary going? Here are some top tips to keep you going!

Veganuary seems to be more popular than ever and loads of people are trying new recipes and adjusting their lifestyle to give veganism a try this January. As we near the end of the month though, people are starting to flag- so here are our top five tips to keep you going! If you didn’t try veganuary this year, there’s no need to put a time limit on it- so why not give it a whirl this month instead?

Keep cooking!

Veganism is really hard to keep up if you’re not in the habit of cooking. So little on the high street is vegan friendly, and there are very few quick options for the vegan lifestyle when you’re out and about. So, keep on cooking and experimenting with different styles of food- if you’re already starting to reycle recipes then now is the time to up your game and try something new!

Try new foods

It’s not just new recipes that are great to try, but new foods themselves. Rather than re- cooking the same half dozen vegetables, why not experiment with something totally different. Use veganism as a great opportunity to discover new food groups and flavours that you’d never even considered before.

Cook with friends

Cooking with friends is so theraputic and fun; so invite people round to try your newly discovered favourite dishes or try something entirely new. Put the fun back into cooking by making an event of it, and drawing on other people’s skills as well. It doesn’t matter if they don’t normally eat vegan- it will simply be a great new experience for them as well!

Nights out

Treat yourself and head on out to a vegan restaurant for the night. Let other people do the work for you for a change and just enjoy the amazing results. Vegan restaurants are increasingly popular, so why knows- you might just discover your new favourite place. Veganism should never be about sacrifice or it’s really hard to stick to- but if you find great places where you love eating out, then it will never feel like a chore again.

One day at a time

Having said this, if you are starting to find veganism a little tricky then just take it one day at a time and don’t berate yourself if you slip up. It’s all about being aware of the damage our food industry causes and doing our bit to help. It all adds up though, and cutting down on meat and dairy is WAY better than ignoring the issue completely.


Congrats if you’re trying Veganuary for the first time and I hope you find some lovely recipes, new habits and foods to take into February and beyond.

~ Jo ~


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