Luva Huva: Ethical lingerie you don’t want to miss out on

My new bra from Luva Huva has arrived and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Comfortable, stylish and easy to wear! I’ve made no secret of the fact that I normally absolutely hate wearing bras; I just find them super uncomfortable and unnecessary. However, if any company was going to change my mind, it’s Luva Huva.


I’m just about to start work and, as much as I may hate it, some outfits do seem more ‘professional’ when I’m wearing a bra underneath. (What I actually mean by this is that it’s considered inappropriate for women to have nipples, so they have to be covered in the workplace.) I would love to be the perfect feminist and perfectly body positive, but I’m not, and I’m ok with that. I don’t think ‘being body positive’ is another thing we should have to worry about, and add to a tick list of unachievable  levels of perfection. In an ideal world I wouldn’t care what others think and wouldn’t wear a bra if I don’t want to; but I do care and sometimes it’s easier to just play the game on some level.


Personally, I’ve founded that the best thing to do in response is to find a certain level of compromise; so that what I wear and how I present my body is still under my control. To take the issue of wearing bras, I make this feel like my choice by only buying bras I adore from companies I love. Luva Huva has the best ethical lingerie out there (in my opinion) so buying from them doesn’t feel like giving in, it feels like a treat. You should have seen how excited I was when the parcel arrived.


I know it’s vulgar to talk about money (I’m British, we still have these rules) but I just want to draw attention to the fact this wasn’t more expensive than other shopping options. With a 10% discount for first time buyers I got this for £16 in the sale, which is not more expensive than many bras you’d see on the high street. Shopping ethically does not necessarily have to be more expensive. So, next time you need new lingerie, I’d definitely check out Luva Huva.

~ Jo ~

N.B. It’s really important to note the level of white privilege displayed here, as well as class privilege to some extent. I have more control over my body as a white woman. To take just one example, many black working class women  have little choice but to wear a bra, meet accepted hairstyles, shave and otherwise conform to what we expect from a female body because perfection is the price expected in exchange for equality. Everything I’ve argued it still true, and valid from my perspective, I’m just drawing attention to the fact it’s a privileged one.



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