Binning the bra: Breast cancer’s recycling scheme

Whether you’re binning the bra for good, want to throw out those you’ve outgrown, or simply need some new styles, I have just the place to send your old bras. I’ve been struggling for a while to find somewhere that recycles old underwear; most charities require underwear to be freshly bought and expect to see tags etc. I had a nagging feeling that my old bras must be some good somewhere though, and so I hung on to them just in case.

Eventually, the obvious hit me- surely Breast Cancer Awareness would do something around this? Of course they do. Their bra recycling scheme takes your unwanted or unloved bras and, through their network of bra banks, raises vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research. You can read all the details of the scheme here:

You can apply to set up a bra recycling point in your place of work, or simply do what I did and send off your old bras in a parcel to this address:

Recycling Scheme

Against Breast Cancer

Leatham House

13 Napier Court Barton Lane

Abingdon, OXON

OX14 3YT

There’s very little that can’t be recycled so, whatever it is you’re trying to get rid of, please think twice before taking it to a skip. Large or small, your old products will do some good somewhere.


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