Two pronged approach to a more ethical lifestyle

In the battle to try and save our planet and lead a more ethical lifestyle, a two pronged approach is needed. We need to affect change (immediately!) in our private lives and place pressure on those in public office to affect an equally immediate change. We’re already (running) out of time, but the there are things we can all do to make a difference.


Private changes and, yes, sacrifices are needed in an attempt to slow the process of global warming. Short showers, turning the lights out and recycling are just the tip of the ice berg (no pun intended.) Do not drive whenever possible, whatever the personal inconvenience, public transport has to be the way to go from here on out. (See para below if that seems unrealistic to you.) At most there should be one car per family, AT MOST.

Flying is perhaps one of the biggest no’s if it can possibly be avoided; it’s destroying our planet at a terrifying rate. Plant trees, do your research, and change your shopping patterns. To connect the public and private- why not consider getting involved in community activism? Find like minded people and make these lifestyle changes fun and manageable in your day to day life.


As important as all these changes are, especially when we enact them together, larger changes are also needed at a higher level. We need our governments to stop drilling for oil, turning a blind eye to unethical companies and to invest in renewable energy. This will only happen with consistent pressure from the public and an insistence that this has to be a top priority in addressing voters. Contact your local authorities, campaign and remind your MP of the importance of this issue at every opportunity.

Of course, it always helps to ask for specific things and to have a timeline in mind for when they should be done by. To take just one example, that of the public transport I mentioned above. I live in Manchester where public transport can take you anywhere; so as an able bodied person without children it’s completely unnecessary for me to have a car. If you feel you can’t get by without a car then that’s unacceptable- you deserve access to public transport and we should all be campaigning harder for it.

Together, we can affect these changes in both public and our private lives. We all need reminders now and again, I know I do, but lifestyle changes are possible. What are your top tips for leading a more environmental lifestyle?


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