A Brand and a Collab

Shoes that promise comfort for tired feet and sustainable practices for a better environment. This is what Po-Zu promises and provides.

They are one of the companies using Pinatex (a sustainable, ethically sourced textile created from pineapple leaves) in their shoes. The brand also uses Coir (a mix of coconut husk and natural latex) in not only their shoes but their shoeboxes as well.

The company has even extended their promise of sustainably past manufacturing and into travel, shipping by sea when possible to reduce CO2 emissions.

With these, and many other innovative materials and practices, Po-Zu clearly aims and succeeds at being a well rounded company.

And, excitingly for fans such as myself, Po-Zu teamed up with the Star Wars franchise to release a line of footwear based on the most recent Star Wars movie and it’s cast of characters. From shoes with BB-8’s design on the side to boots modeled after Rey’s in the movie, they have it all. Go check out their ethical shoes, especially if you fancy owning some rather cool boots, based on the movie or not.

~ Gabi ~



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