Why is veganism being trivialised?

The food industry is problematic in more ways than one; but the meat and dairy industry are by far and away the worst parts of it. Both are very interconnected, so it makes sense that people would boycott them and eat food products that are not so damaging to the environment. Animal rights are certainly very important, but many vegetarians and vegans have concerns far beyond that alone.

So, why are we trvialising veganism at best and demonising it at worst?

The answer is probably that most people don’t understand, or choose to ignore, how problematic these industries are. Vegans are depicted as being ‘hippy’ and ‘lefty’; somehow these terms have become derogatory because ‘it’s all just a phase.’ On the flip side, some people are all too aware of how problematic these things are, and so react defensively. Their conscience is pricked by the fact that people have taken this impressive step and they don’t appreciate being reminded of the comparison.

If we were all to do our research, most of us would probably be compelled to eat vegan, or at least vegetarian, so we choose not to. Eating meat and dairy products is just that, a choice. Choosing that you don’t want to make the sacrifice may be valid, but don’t judge others that do. It’s truly bizarre that we’ve ended up laughing at people who choose a vegan lifestyle and diet, and a sad indictment on our society.

A friend recently told me that they would feel more comfortable coming out to their parents, than telling them they were vegan. Madness. So, do your research into why this is such an important issue. I’m not talking anything extensive, a five minute google search will do. Even if you make the choice to still eat meat or/ and dairy at the end of it, then don’t look down on others who choose differently. In fact, they are to be greatly admired.

~ Jo ~



  1. I love this post. I am not entirely vegan or vegetarian, but I do eat mostly plant-based. To me, it’s ridiculous how people can criticise a diet, that they are most-likely uneducated on. This is a great issue to highlight. 🙂

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