Epilator: First Impressions

So what is it? An epilator is essentially a small hand held device that plucks hair and fast. Depending on the device and how sophisticated it is, it may be used on different areas of the body. Basically, I learned about it after witnessing a friend using it, and become curious about this alternate form of hair removal. I also figured that it probably is environmentally friendly. Yes, you do have to plug it in either to use it or charge it, but on the flip side, no more disposable razors or razor blades filling the trash can. No more shaving cream, or throwing out shaving cream cans. And, if you are like me and take a while to shave in the shower, that is less water you are using up. There are some epilators you can use in the shower, but I personally went for a dry one.

So what do I think about it. Well, I have only used it once so far, but I’m fairly content. It does hurt quite a bit, especially the first time, from what I heard. But honestly, it is probably on par with waxing. Both are methods of taking the hair out by the root, so both are going to hurt more than just shaving. It wasn’t too bad overall, though I did find myself gritting my teeth just a little bit. The pain is relatively quick though, and afterwards I feel just a bit of a sting, which goes away significantly with some sort of lotion or moisturizer (I use a blend I made at home to treat irritated skin and ingrown hairs, specially in the sensitive pubic area). For a while afterwards, my legs were covered with many tiny red bumps, just like if I had individually plucked the hairs, but I used it at night, and by morning, my skin was smooth and clear. I wouldn’t say I noticed an immediate difference from shaving, though I am told I won’t have to use the epilator as often as I might have shaved.

In general, I am happy with the product. I managed to do an entire leg while watching an episode of the sitcom, F. R. I. E. N. D. S., which wasn’t too bad. It also feels awesome to know I won’t have to take super long showers to shave, or to buy and consequently throw away countless of razors.

~ Gabi ~


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