Sunscreen, moisturiser & after sun: take care of your skin this summer

As a redhead, I know better than most the damage the sun can do to your skin. It’s all too tempting to soak up those rare beams, enjoy the warmth, and stay a little longer to perfect your tan (I actually have no idea what the latter is like- the closest to tanned I get is bright red.) However, whilst being a golden brown may make you look fabulous for a few weeks, it does a lot of damage in the long term. Not to mention the fact that you can tan just as well, if not better, whilst protecting your skin at the same time.

In the long run, the best thing for both your health and your complexion is to protect your skin. That means shade, or at least breaks from the sun, plenty of water and being kitted out with sunglasses and a hat (preferably fabulous) at all times. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably need a couple of lotions and potions to keep you safe as well. I’m not sure how redheads evolved to become allergic to sun, but here we are… squashed under a hat with cream covering every inch of our bodies.


If you’ve read any of my earlier posts it will come as no surprise that Naturisimo was my brand of choice when it came to finding ethical skincare products. Gabi, fortunately, takes a more balanced view and has a range of recommendations in her earlier post:

These three products have been a godsend for me so far this summer though. I really do burn at just the sun peeping out from behind the clouds, so fining sunscreen I love has made it less of a chore and a fun part of my morning routine. Whatever works best for you, just make sure you’re also looking at the ingredients in what you’re using. It’s important to think about a product going directly onto your skin, and also the impact making that product has on the world around you.

~ Jo ~



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