Styling looks from hand-me-downs and charity shops

I’m a big fan of hand- me- downs and hunting round charity shops to complete your wardrobe and find stylish new looks. The fast fashion industry is an incredibly damaging one, taking second place only to the oil industry for the pollution it causes. So, it’s important that we all do our bit to halt this industry by hitting pause on the need for constantly churning mass production, and start to get the most out of items of clothing instead. Not to mention, this is a much cheaper way to dress and you can find some absolutely fabulous and creative new looks in the process.

Below, are five of my favourite outfits composed from pieces I’ve bought at charity shops, or have been given as hand- me- downs from friends and family.


This blue dress was a throw out from my good friend Rachel. Thanks to the fact my body hasn’t really changed since I was 13/14 I can still fit into all my old friends throw outs. A dream come true, especially as most are considerable more stylish than I am. I just love the draping on this little sky blue summer dress. Wardrobe sharing is definitely the way forward.


Both this loose fitting linen shirt, and slightly baggy mum- style jeans came from a charity shop. The cliche is oh so true- you should go to charity shops in wealthy areas; it’s extraordinary what people will throw out. It’s much easier than you might think to buy a complete look from a charity shop. The shoes are my vegan Toms, I got for my birthday and now wear almost every day.


This top was another amazing find from a charity shop in St Andrews. I love loose fitting tops, not least because they allow you to eat whatever you want through the day.  The make up all comes from Naturisimo (not hand- me- downs it’s true, but an excellent ethical store nonetheless.) In case you’re interested, the book I’m reading is Persuasion, and you really should be interested because it is undoubtedly one of the best books in the world.


This blue coat is a hand- me- down from the amazing Maddie, whose mum works in fashion. I love the sleeves and it has the most amazing detailing on the collar. I’ve paired it with the vegan boots made from recycled materials I got from Beyond Skin. They do the most amazingly stylish vegan shoes, so are well worth checking out.

IMG_4275 (2)

These black jeans came from a charity shop, and are possibly my favourite pair for a lazy day around the house. The jumper was another throw out from a generous friend, that I just love and keeps me cosy throughout the (many) rainy days in Manchester. The necklace is from the designer, Bright Accent, who I worked with for the last Label fashion show.

So, there you have it. Five looks styled from hand- me- downs and charity shops.

What do you think? Get yourself down to a charity shop, next time you feel the need to splurge or want new items for your wardrobe. You’ll save yourself money, be doing far less damage to the environment, and be getting some great new pieces into the bargain.


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