Bibico: beautiful clothing made from natural materials

I met Gabi through Label, a company I founded that runs body positive performances. Label specialises in fashion shows, focusing on diversity and creating a platform for people to show their beauty and share their story. When it came to selecting designers we wanted to feature, finding ethical designers was naturally high on our ‘to do’ list. One of the first companies I came across was the wonderful Bibico.

I was lucky enough to secure Bibico as a designer in the very first fashion show I ran. Here’s a promo shot from the early days:

Photo credits to Concrete Catwalk.

I have loved Bibico ever since and think their designs are some of the best out there for stylish, ethical looks. They have a gorgeous summer line out at the moment that’s well worth checking out, especially as their pieces are so easy to wear and comfortable.

Label’s last show, GROUNDED, was specially themed around environmental, slow- fashion; so it will not come as a surprise that I was eager to feature Bibico once more. Here are a few shots of our fabulous models at the show.

~ Jo ~


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