Organic oils no one can resist

I recently got three deluxe oils in my summer pack from Naturisimo, and they really are every bit as irresistible as promised. All three are organic, vegetarian, cruelty- free, and the packages are made from recyclable materials. If your skin still refuses to behave itself at times, then maybe one of these is just what you’re looking for:


A multi purpose miracle dry oil with an intoxicating fragrance. It moisturises, nourishes and enhances the skin thanks to its unique formula made with exceptional blend of Grape, Argan, Hibiscus, Sesame oils combined with patented anti-oxidant Polyphenols. It envelops the skin with a subtle, floral and sun-kissed fragrance, with woody notes. Perfection in a bottle!



A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil uses only the highly concentrated seeds as its source. Their goodness is extracted by a super-critical process (CO2 extraction method) which gives you the most beneficial oil. With a high concentration of bio-available trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A), Vitamin E & omega 9 (oleic acid), 3 (alpha linolenic acid) & 6 (linoleic acid) essential fatty acids. Your skin will be comforted, deeply moisturised, look vibrant, feeling smooth and soft.



Fushi Really Good Cellulite Oil helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, stimulates circulation, tones and firms and promotes smoother looking skin. It has been formulated with a potent blend of highly effective, circulation-boosting ingredients. Gotu Kola, one of the most renowned Ayurvedic herbs and known for its superb circulatory benefits, has been triple infused to provide triple strength. This has been combined with stimulating and diuretic Green Coffee bean oil, vitamin-rich, nourishing Wheatgerm oil, vitamin E, detoxifying sweet Birch and cleansing grapefruit essential oil. Enjoy!

~ Jo ~





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