Le Pain Quotidien is Carbon Neutral!

Le Pain Quotidien is a quaint restaurant that, born in Brussels, has expanded globally. The atmosphere is nice, the food tends to be great, and they are now certified carbon neutral all across the States, with the aim to become so globally by 2020. Pretty freaking awesome, isn’t it? Since starting to work on this blog with Jo, I have become more aware of the many ways we impact the Earth, and especially the positive consequences. In the battle against climate change and pollution, there is a tendency, in my opinion, to focus on the negative. Where here is a positive! A carbon neutral restaurant that also provides its employees with organic cotton shirts.

It was a truly lovely way to start the day, having brunch with my mum and sister, and spotting their carbons neutral certification, and checking out the logo on the servers shirts proclaiming them to be organic. Head on over to their website to learn more about their journey to sustainability, and tips to having a greener household. Good Job, Le Pain Quotidien!

(P.S., a little constructive criticism to the restaurant: I hope one day you move away from plastic straws. But otherwise, keep up the good work!)

~ Gabi ~


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