Summer skincare products

Once again, I have been seduced back to Naturisimo; this time in need of summer skincare products. I have red hair and manage to burn at even the mere glimpse of sun, but it turns out that finding vegan, organic, or even cruelty free sunscreen is harder than you might think.

As you may have gathered from recent posts, Naturisimo are fast becoming one of my favourite companies (I won’t lie, the free shipping does help to set them apart from other ethical beauty brands.) Every now and again, they seem to have flash deals so you can try out more products/ work out what’s best for you.

When searching for sunscreen I stumbled across a summer kit box, on sale for just under a third of the original cost. It was in fact the same cost as the over priced sunscreen my parents usually insist I buy, but this box had 14 different products within it. Perfect! It arrived today, and I am very excited about it- get ready for endless blog posts on these amazing products.

I finished my exams yesterday so this was a perfect treat to come home to and contains everything I need for the summer and beyond. They’re such a thoughtful company, from the packaging made from organic materials to the letter with extra free samples they slipped inside- it’s always fun to receive their parcels.

As important as it is to not splurge or buy things too often, sometimes these deals can be worth the cost and save you money in the long run. Naturisimo is by no means the only brand out there, they’re just a personal favourite, so have a look around for the ethical beauty products you may need this summer.

~ Jo ~


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