Five simple things to help save the world


Almost EVERYTHING  can be recycled now. I don’t care where you live, or how much effort it takes- look up you’re nearest recycling point and go to it- regularly. (Preferably not in a car, use public transport/ walk/ cycle or your somewhat negating the point.) You can recycle plastic, cardboard- and yes, if a product has both those parts, you can pull it apart and recycle both separately. In fact, if you don’t you’re showing a blatant disregard for the planet we share. The one people always seem to forget about is food recycling; there’s a bin for leftover food/ flowers/ organic waste- use it!

Water usage/ electricity  

Don’t waste water. I thought everyone knew this but apparently some people have never been taught… (Yeah, our education system has a way to go.) Do not take long showers, get in and out as quickly as possible. Try not to take baths (I confess this is a treat I succumb to, but don’t make it a regular thing.) Don’t fill up the kettle more than you need to. Think, before you use water/ heat that water.

Turn the lights out

Please god, turn the lights out. It’s so simple. I’ve spent my whole uni life going around after people turning out the lights. Why isn’t this second nature? It takes a fraction of a second, so just don’t leave any lights on unnecessarily.


If you claim to travel because you love the world, and yet are destroying the world with your flights, you are a hypocrite. Not every family member needs a car, that is nonsense- coordinate your schedules better or use public transport. In fact, do the latter whenever possible or walk/ cycle.

Calculate your carbon footprint

Most of us need to get a shock to start caring. Calculate your carbon footprint, face up to the damage your doing, and change it. Here is a link to one site, but there are many that can be used:

~ Jo ~


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