Getting lazy & starting over

Attempting to cultivate a more ethical wardrobe, and more ethical lifestyle in general, seldom goes smoothly in my experience. You will almost definitely slip up. In fact, the kind of complete overhaul that would be needed to only buy ethical food, make up, clothes etc… is beyond the scope of most of us, because it is not always particularly accessible.

I needed to post a bunch of stuff recently and, rather than buy new boxes, decided to find old cardboard boxes round town. A good start I thought. Boots was recommended to me, so I swung by at the end of the day and three slightly bored, lovely assistants helped me out to different sized boxes.

They were all absolutely lovely and I felt slightly bad I wasn’t buying anything after all their help. The face masks caught my eye and before I knew it I was out the checkout with one of my old favourites. It’s unbelievably easy to fall back into old habits; I knew I liked this product, it was cheap, and right in front of me. Buying unethical products is easy- they’re constantly promoted to us.

Despite the fact I recently wrote a post about vegan face masks, I found myself with a product with many ingredients I know far too well can be damaging. Furthermore, these face masks contain very little product for the amount of packing they use. They’re lovely while they last, but this throw away culture is exactly the problem. They’re sold in small pouches to make them cheaper and more accessible, but it means the product to plastic ratio is high.

The irony is, I started out with good intentions- I was trying to use recycled boxes, but we’re not taught to think sustainably so it’s easy to slip up along the way. Even when on a mission to try and limit my product use, I managed to forget the point of why I was there. This is not the end of the world, I have learned from it and will try harder to reinforce the mentality from now on.

We all mess up when trying to be environmentally friendly, the point is to keep on trying.

~ Jo ~


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