Birthday TOMS: best present ever

It was recently my 22nd birthday and my wonderful girlfriend, Kim, got me new Tom’s to celebrate. TOMS are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes in the world and come in an ever increasing range of styles. They’re a wonderful company, if only because for every pair of shoes you buy, they provide a new pair of shoes for a child in need. They have a one for one pledge, meaning that children around the world are getting the shoes they need. The shoes Kim chose also had the added benefit of being vegan!

TOMS are involved in a lot of different causes, from promoting anti- bullying campaigns to providing shoes for children in China, and sustainable development through to empowering local leaders. You can read more about the work they do here:

bday toms1

These shoes are also stunningly beautiful and comfortable. Mine have a subtle pink, black and white stitch with a comfort insole and a removable sock liner that fights bacteria. They’re perfect for day to day wear but TOMS also do boots and heels as well, if you’re looking for something a little more fancy.

The best part? They’re no more expensive than most other shoes. Why, wear leather or buy from unethical companies when there’s such a great range of ethical choices, all at a very reasonable price. So often, we don’t consider ethical shopping choices simply because we’re not taught to think of it as an option. Let’s change that! By shifting what we choose to spend our money on, we show retailers that we do care about worker’s rights, the environment, and having shoes that feel as well as look good.

~ Jo ~


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