Vegan mascara: worth every penny

I recently got vegan mascara from the fabulous Naturisimo (well worth checking out!) and absolutely love it. This is the mascara that I chose, but they have a wide selection:

I’m a student so my choice is always, at least partly, shaped by the cost. This was £12 for a decent sized mascara which is not bad as retail prices go. It’s not considerably more than others out there and definitely worth it for a product that’s cruelty free and vegan. Naturisimo also have free shipping!


I would never advocate that mascara is needed but if you enjoy wearing it, then definitely go for a vegan brand. The plastic used for the pot is also made from recycled materials, and should be recycled again when you throw it out.

Naturisimo is a new favourite, but there are many other cruelty free/ vegan brands out there, so happy hunting! You can use the #beautywithoutcruelty hashtag on social media platforms to help you find products, and reviews of them.

~ Jo ~


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