Vegan powder: the perfect finish?

I recently ran out of foundation, and decided it was time to invest in some vegan powder instead. I was going to be buying more make up anyway, so it was time to try and put the ethical wardrobe into practice. I bought Ere Perez powder from the wonderful site, Naturisimo.

One of the best things about Naturisimo is the free shipping. One of the worst things, is the fact there’s shipping. Vegan products are often hard to find in store, especially in a town the size of St Andrews (there are four streets) so vegan products have to be ordered. Of course, any kind of transportation is terrible for the environment so you have to figure out if it is worth the true cost.

[Aside: keep in mind that the make up you buy in store has also been transported there, just because you yourself may walk to the shop, doesn’t mean there was no other transportation involved.]

The powder is absolutely lovely and, miraculously, matches my skin tone. Trust me, as a redhead with incredibly pale skin, this is hard to find. However, it was smaller than I hoped and probably not worth the cost with that in mind.

If you’re someone who uses powder rarely, or just as a light finish, then this may be the perfect product for you. However, if you wear powder almost daily then you may, like me, want to keep looking for something that will last a little longer. Let me know if you have any recommendations and do not in any way be put off from Naturisimo- they’re still one of my favourites.

~ Jo ~


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