My Old Non-Vegan Clothing

Just because you have learned about, and/or committed yourself to ethical clothing, does not mean you need to go on a major shopping spree and get rid of all your old clothing. Don’t waste perfectly good clothes, ones you may really like, just because you have had a paradigm shift.
Personally, I have a couple leather items: three pairs of shoes and one leather jacket. The thing is, I got these all before I realized I didn’t want to buy animal products, and three of them were gifts.
So do I feel bad about wearing them? No, not at all. Some of them were gifts, given with the best of intentions. For the others, I am not going to stop wearing perfectly good shoes.

That being said, I won’t re-buy the shoes, or any other pieces of clothing using leather. I am trying hard to commit myself to buying more ethically from here on out. I just won’t feel guilty about using what I already have.

~ Gabi ~


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