Phase two of the throw out

Phase two of the journey towards a more ethical wardrobe was to throw out the remaining clothes that I never actually wear… Yes, we all have them! The wonderful St Andrews Islamic Society were hosting a clothing drive for refugees, specifically people living in Dundee.

They needed warm clothing and, fortunately, I live in Scotland/ Manchester, possibly two of the rainiest places there are, so I have jumpers in abundance. There were many items lurking in my wardrobe that I’ve outgrown, over worn or were presents I’ve never been all that fond of. (I really do appreciate the thought, but we all have that jumper some distant relative knitted.)


When it comes to presents, I have accumulated a series of items that got a laugh on the day, I’ve worn once and since given up on. I have not one, not two, but THREE hats shaped like bears, with little ears and a snout. (Is there something about my personality that suggests I need this?) They’re great hats and really warm, but there will never be an occasion I think: You know what I need? Three bear hats.

All these items and many more were gathered up and folded into one of the plastic bags I obsessively hoard and recycle. Many unis have clothing drives for refugees fairly frequently, so do keep an eye out for them! If there aren’t any happening in your local area, then why not organise a clothing drive yourself?

~ Jo ~


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