My New Skin Care Regime

Once I figured there was a world of ethical, Eco-friendly, cruelty free, and/or organic beauty products, I realized I needed to update more than just my makeup. For the past couple years, I’ve been using Clarins skin products. After months of testing out drugstore brands, Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion was the first product that didn’t make me break out like crazy. I was a bit reluctant to give it up, but I can’t justify to myself buying from a company that tests on animals.

The biggest problem I’ve found trying to buy ethically made, organic products, has been that for the most part, you can only get stuff online, without being able to try it in person. I spent hours online shopping, and hoping that whatever I ended up buy wouldn’t cause the return of my acne. It took a while, but I finally settled on a small Australian brand, Sukin Organics. Sukin is certified as 100% Carbon Neutral, Cruelty Free and Vegan. Their Oil Balancing Mattifying Moisturizer seems the closest in what it does to my old Clarins products. I’m slowly transitioning my skincare products to Sukin, and so far it’s going wonderfully! My skin feels amazing, softer than ever, and my conscience is happy.

Tip: If you start shopping online for skin products, think carefully about what skin type you have, what you have used in the past, what worked for you and what didn’t. For example, I know I have combination skin, and thicker moisturizers (like ones with SPF) tend to make me break out. It helps narrow down the selection.

~ Gabi ~



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