Wardrobe choices: between teenager & adult

The time between being a teenager and [pretending] you’re an adult is a bizarre phase in more ways that one. You can see the tensions most visibly in people’s wardrobe choices, torn between teenage throwbacks and new pieces from the ‘workplace collection’; except of course we don’t have jobs at all, we just have internships where we look incredibly over dressed to make coffee. I have suits, but I also have mini dresses I only half remember having the confidence or occasion to wear.

It’s at this turning point, that a brilliant opportunity arises to asses your wardrobe, think about the statements you want to make, and where your ethical concerns are.  There are items in my closet that I used to love, and have worn countless times, but I know in all honesty that I will not be wearing them again. I have outgrown them, not in the literal sense of physical size, but in terms of style and what they represent. They were obviously designed for a teenager, and I do not belong to that group any more.

Throw them out!

Throw these excess items away to charity shops, give them as gifts to friends, offer them to refugee groups… Make sure they do some good in the world. Clothes can be recycled and worn again, to make the most of that product and the materials used to make it. In the same way I’d hope you don’t throw cardboard in with the rest of your rubbish, don’t throw clothes in the bin, or leave them hanging in your closet.

As we enter early adulthood, we’re gaining more disposable wealth of our own. We’ve also stopped growing for the most part, so it’s a time you can start investing for pieces in the future. Rather than buying ten cheap dresses you’ll wear a few times and throw away, why not save up for one beautifully made environmentally friendly dress and enjoy wearing it time and again?

If you’re adding to your wardrobe, add with ethical clothes.

~ Jo ~


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