Vegan- friendly face masks

My skin has never been terribly cooperative, it manages to be simultaneously too greasy and too dry. Impressive really. I’m lucky it’s improved over recent years, but sometimes it’s still nice to treat myself and give it a bit of a boost. After a particularly existentialist 9am literature class I popped into Holland & Barrett for some light relief. To my surprise they had a 50% off sale on a gorgeous kit of seven facetox masks.

These masks are cruelty free, 100% organic and vegan friendly.

I made one up as soon as I got home, mixing the facetox blend in with the organic rose water you’re given in the kit and it was heaven in a mixing bowl. I’ve never had an instantaneous effect with a mask before, but it visibly tightened my pours, reduced any redness and felt so much smoother to the touch.

face mask

These masks were not more expensive than those I’d been buying before, but they were made with far better ingredients, both for my skin and the environment. It hit me again how easy it is to fall into bad purchasing habits, and buy harmful products without even thinking. I’m trying to turn that around, and put more thought into the products that I buy.

This little kit, complete with mixing bowl and spoon, really brightened up my day (quite literally!) and gave my skin the boost it needed. Get out there, and find cruelty- free vegan face masks that you love.

~ Jo ~


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