Phase one of the throw out

Phase one of the journey towards a more ethical wardrobe was to throw out all those clothes that I never actually wear… Yes, we all have them! I have thrown clothes out semi- regularly throughout my life, either to charity shops or church fairs (the life of a minister’s daughter is terribly glam.) However, my body has barely changed in the last six years which means that I still have pieces from when I was 15, and that friends have passed on their respective wardrobes as they’ve outgrown them. There are certain pieces I used to wear at every opportunity I got; but I’m not a teen any more and it was time for a change.

Fortunately, the perfect opportunity presented itself and I decided to give things to the trans- clothing drive my university’s LGBT+ society organised. Read all about it in this blog post, here.

throw our

The first thing to go was six summer scarves, all presents, all very similar and none of them things I would buy for myself. I am a scarf person, but the big fluffy wintry kind, you can use as a blanket- I don’t have time for this thin lacy nonsense. They were an easy thing to wave goodbye to, in the hope that someone else will be able to make them look fabulous.

Next up were two dresses and skirts I now deem too tight. Graduation must be turning me into an old fogy but if I can’t eat a pudding (and help all my friends finish theirs) then it just doesn’t make the cut in my wardrobe any more. I felt particularly guilty about throwing out a white leather skirt I’ve only worn a handful of times… I don’t know what possessed me to buy a skirt that would rival my legs in paleness. White leather may be fabulous, but I hope that this skirt winds up somewhere a little more sunny than Scotland.


Other than a few tops/ shirts and a couple of other odd items, the main thing I had to give was jewelry. I’ve been hanging on to so many things I got as presents over the years, but it was time for some of them to find a home where they may actually see the light of day now and again. What do you have to give away?

Many of us have pieces that we never, or seldom, wear and all of them could be going to better use. Re- cycling clothes is a step on the way towards more ethical fashion choices, so make sure you’re part of that cycle.


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